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Belona Greenwood
Belona Greenwood

Belona Greenwood er Heltberg Internationals representant i Norwich og er tilgjengelig for deg under hele oppholdet. Belona sier dette om sin erfaring med de norske elevene.

“I am a professional Mother”
I have been impressed by the young people I have got to know over the time they have spent in Norwich. It is quite an adventure to come and live and study in a foreign city, and they have responded with resilience, adaptability, humour and independence. It is my privilege and sometimes challenge to be that ‘go to’ person for anything that the students might need. I call myself a ‘professional mother,’ in that I am there if they are homesick, if they get lost, if they are ill or need support in any way. This can include finding a chess club or a music tutor, being available with mugs of hot chocolate to talk over issues with homestay families, taking a sick student home or to the doctor. I am a 24 hour contact person for any emergency.

When students first arrive they need to get a sense of each other and the city. Norwich is a wonderful place for sport, culture and the countryside is 20 minutes away. I can arrange group trips open to the students to the theatre, world class exhibitions, to events and the coast. There is always something to do and I am the one with the list! There is close liaison with City College. The Sixth Form is like a family and the staff are hugely committed to the students. There is always extra support, there is always someone to turn to with a question and it’s a place of great diversity where students can discover who they are. Come to Norwich with an open mind, ready to work hard but to enjoy everything that is on offer, to sometimes compromise and learn to negotiate a different culture and different people, but also to build enduring friendships and embark on a brilliant year of self- discovery.

Blir kjent med fagtilbudet på City College Norwich

Her sier en tidligere elev, Stephen Fry (engelsk TV-personlighet, forfatter, skuespiller og komiker) noe om hvordan det var å være elev på City College Norwich:

- It all started here [at City College Norwich]. I will never forget it. I will never cease to be grateful for what it’s done, in such a perfect way. Not a mollycoddling way, not a stern authoritarian way, but a civilised way. We were not treated as children; we were students, not kids. The standard of teaching was astonishingly high. Norwich, the city, and Norfolk, the county, should be immensely proud of this institution. This is a really special place.